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Product Overview


VerifyVASP's Decentralised Architecture

Central Server

VerifyVASP operates a central Server which serves as a message mediator server, operated by VerifyVASP. Please configure either the Production or Staging server endpoint's information below for the enclave environment variable VEGA_API_ENDPOINT.
  • Production:
  • Staging:
Enclave Environment Variable:
Enter the Central server URL above in VEGA_API_ENDPOINT variable.

Enclave Server

The enclave server, installed on member VASP's infrastructure communicates with a central server.
  • The enclave server is developed by VerifyVASP and distributed as a docker image.
  • The docker image for the enclave server is shared on the Private dockerhub registry.
  • An integrated database, along with several tables needs to be created for the enclave server.
  • VASP's own application servers communicates with the installed enclave server.