How VerifyVASP can help virtual asset service providers (VASPs) comply with travel rule.
VerifyVASP Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based B2B service provider that assist VASPs to comply with Travel Rule or Value Transfer requirements. Introduced in 2019 by the FATF, the Travel Rule is an AML-initiative that requires VASPs to share or exchange relevant information to increase payment transparency in order to mitigate AML and CFT risks. Adopted in Paragraph 13 of the MAS Notice PSN02, VerifyVASP’s solution named Value Transfer Protocol Solution complies with FATF’s Travel Rule Recommendations as it is adopted into the laws and regulations, such as Singapore’s Payment Services Act, MAS Notices and Guidelines.
Read the documentation below for further information about the VerifyVASP and how it works.
VerifyVASP structural overview and key features.
How to get started with VerifyVASP Encalve Server
Installation & setup for Enclave API and API reference
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