Technical documentation for VerifyVASP

Headquartered in Singapore, VerifyVASP strives to be the pre-eminent RegTech solutions provider for virtual asset service providers (VASPs), their patented Travel Rule products offer a cost effective, efficient and scalable solution major VASPs, both Travel Rule Obliged and Non Travel Rule Obliged, globally.

By only admitting trusted and credible VASPs through a comprehensive due-diligence process, our members-only closed network facilitates secured data transfers between members for Travel Rule compliance.

The company believes that all compliance, including Travel Rule is a front-to-back framework beyond just technology solutions, which is why they lead industry working groups in various jurisdictions to establish consistent, coherent interpretation of regulations that form the foundation to industry best practices that technological solutions can be based off.

VerifyVASP’s industry-proven patented TravelRule and VerifyNAME solutions assists members to comply with FATF’s Travel Rule Recommendations and global data privacy and protection laws as it was developed through close industry, legal and regulatory engagements.

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