VerifyVASP's patented Travel Rule Solutions help virtual asset service providers (VASPs) comply with travel rule regulations.
VerifyVASP Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based B2B service provider that enables VASPs to comply with Travel Rule or Value Transfer related requirements.
Introduced in 2019 by the FATF and subsequently updated in 2021, the Travel Rule recommendation is an AML/CFT-initiative that requires VASPs to share or exchange relevant information to increase payment transparency in order to mitigate AML and CFT risks.
While some regulators have already mandated their adaptation of the Travel Rule recommendation in their jurisdictions, many more have already drafted, proposed or consulted on the adoption of the rules.
VerifyVASP’s industry-proven patented VerifyRule and VerifyNAME solutions complies with FATF’s Travel Rule Recommendations as it was developed through close industry, legal and regulatory engagements including global data privacy laws by ensuring end-to-end encrypted payload data transfers without any intermediary decryption.
Our in-house team performs a comprehensive and stringent onboarding of members ensuring only credible members are admitted into the alliance.
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